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How to choose Guardians for your children

Something no parent ever wants to think about:

Who would look after my children if the worst were to happen?

The single most important thing to consider is who is going to provide the most support and stability for your children during a very traumatic time and into the future.

Some questions to ask yourself

  • Who will love and care for my children as much as I would?

  • Who has the financial capacity?

  • Are they responsible?

  • Who's views and beliefs align with my enough to raise my child as I would want?

Other considerations:

  • What if my chosen guardians already have children?

  • How would your child would fit into an existing family unit? Can your chosen guardian support new additions to their home and life?

Overall the important factor is that they are able to provide the love and security your children need.

Can I appoint guardians that are getting older?

Yes, but you should take age and health into account. Grandparents are often the first choice when choosing a guardian. Their age, though, may mean that running after a toddler or handling a teenager could be challenging for them.

If your parents are in good health now and you have young children, there is no guarantee that in 15 years' time, they would be able to cope with the demands of a young adult.

Should I appoint a couple or an individual?

This is a deeply personal view and many parents automatically appoint a couple as guardians. But, it may be wise to consider appointing a single person in the event of the couple splitting up after your death.

Should I worry about where guardians live?

If your children are in schools in which they are happy, location may play a part in your consideration. If your primary choice of guardian lives in a different city or indeed country, you need to think about how a move may affect your child.

Choosing guardians often requires compromise.

Ultimately, for most it comes down to who can provide the love your children need, whilst providing a similar parenting style or similar lifestyle to your own.

I've chosen my guardians, what to do now?

Write your Will.

With Intrusted, your choice of guardian is not something that is fixed for ever. You can amend and change your preferences as often as you need. It's far easier (not to mention cheaper) than visiting a solicitor each time you want to update your will.

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