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Intrusted is helping families prepare for what is after. Everyone should think about and plan for their legacy after death. We help them do it in the simplest, most tax efficient way.

For homeowners, parents and grandparents. We give them the confidence that their possessions, property and family are protected if anything happens to them.

Our unique, breakthrough artificial intelligence technology builds a solution for each unique need. Intrusted provides all the benefits of a solicitor. Without the time, hassle and expense.

A step-by-step plan is created and personalised to each individual or family's needs. Through wills, trusts and financial planning we help our customers get their affairs in order within minutes.

We help to protect property, protect families and establish a legacy after people are gone.

Intrusted is a new way to create an estate plan, which might even be a little bit fun...

The Intrusted Mission

To create an open and empowered culture that results in proactivity and preparedness for death.

Help everyone prepare their legacy.

And, do it in the simplest, most cost efficient way.

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